Dear Sirs,

Taking into account the rapid development of the Health Tourism sector in the world due to the advancement of medical science, medical technologies and the prolongation of the life expectancy of the citizens, as well as the wealth of the Greek thermal springs, which are a means of rejuvenation and relaxation therapy, we believe that it is an opportunity to take advantage of the comparative advantages that Greece has today and to promote it as an attractive Health Tourism Destination.

Greece, the mother of Modern Medicine, possesses great advantages that can place our country in a competitive position in the global medical tourism market:

Medical Excellence

The long tradition of Greece in Medicine begins with God of the Medical Asclepius, continues with the father of Medicine Hippocrates and other eminent doctors of antiquity who communicated their knowledge to the whole known world. Today Greece produces many, and especially good, doctors.


The private sector has hospital complexes and other well – functioning medical units, physicians and healthcare professionals infrastructures and make them constantly important investments. The quality of health services in Greece competing for quality and infrastructure by the best hospitals in the world.


Strictly international standards are being applied certification for health infrastructure health care, but also health care services ensure excellent quality.


Competitive prices approximately 60% lower cost health care compared to their respective ones in Australia, Canada, many countries within Europe and the United States

Recovery environment

Greece is an ideal place to revive one patient from a treatment. In addition, the hotel infrastructure and the hosting services are of the highest standard.

As part of this national effort, we organize a Conference on “Health tourism in Greece” in London on November 23, 2018.

The organizer of the Conference is International Health Tourism Center (IHTC) & Hellenic Medical Association of UK, and it is under the auspices of Ministry of Tourism, Global Greek Doctors Institute, ELITOUR, Central Union of Municipalities of Greece and Athens Medical Association.

Government officials, top personalities from the Business, Academic, Health, and Tourism sectors of Great Britain and Greece will participate

It would be a great honor and pleasure to have you near us.

Yours sincerely,


 Giorgos Patoulis
President I.H.T.C. (International Health Tourism Center)

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