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  • The International Health Tourism Center is a non-profit, non-governmental organization for both International and National Health Tourism which aims at the organization, administration and efficient management of the high quality Health and Safety certified health product for all the stakeholders of its member countries.
    Its main purpose is to provide its services to all those involved in the promotion and provision of the Health Tourism product in order to ensure its quality and promote its sustainable development. It is an international co-operative body for the development and promotion of Health Tourism as a combination of high quality medical and tourist services that promotes the Tourism Product and the National Economy of each member country.


  • Within the global family, the development of Health tourism is a strategic asset as it is a rapidly growing industry internationally over the past 15 years. The International Health Tourism Center aims to contribute to the promotion of the Tourism Product by utilizing the most effective marketing policies by providing systematic and structured education and training in all areas of Health Tourism.The International Health Tourism Center has a vision and strategic planning that can transform Health Tourism to a growth leverage for the development of the National Economy of all countries.


  • The board of directors is composed by five members: George Patoulis (President), Konstantinos Pantos (Vice President A), Banicioiu Nicolae (Vice President B), Petros Mamalakis (General Secretary), Konstantinos Kouskoukis (Cashier).


  • The purpose of the International Health Tourism Center is the strategic design and assistance in the development and promotion of the domestic Health Tourism product. It includes actions for consumers of health services, for service providers of Health and Tourism, as well as for national health and tourism agencies..



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