Australian doctors’ collaboration agreement with the Global Greek Doctors Institute

A collaboration agreement was signed between the Global Greek Doctors Institute and the Hellenic Medical Association of Australia, actively participating in the bridge of communication among Greek scientists around the world.
The signing of the Pact took place in the context of the Health Tourism Conference, organized in Melbourne, by the International Health Tourism Center and the Global Greek Doctors Institute, in collaboration with the Hellenic Community of Melbourne and the Hellenic Medical Association of Melbourne, under the Auspices of the Athens Medical Association and the Central Union of Municipalities of Greece on 25 and 26 November 2017.
The Global Greek Doctors Institute, initiated by the President of Athens Medical Association George Patoulis, is an international hub for the interconnection of all Greek doctors around the world. It’s main objectives are the exchange of views, the development of scientific dialogue, the transfer of know-how, the facilitation in finding work, the creation of incentives for their return and their professional activity in Greece, the voluntary provision of specialized medical services by Greek doctors in cases requiring immediate and objective humanitarian assistance around the world, the establishment and award of Excellence Awards for Greek Doctors with internationally recognized action etc.
                                                                  Giorgos Patoulis and Marinis Pirpiris                            

The Partnership Agreement signed with the Hellenic Medical Association of Australia, which has 600 members will predict the exchange of medical students at the University Institutions of both countries and their participation in postgraduate programs is foreseen.
Commenting on the issue, Mr. George Patoulis stressed “the large number of Greek doctors make up a high-quality scientific potential with recognized international parchments and abilities, with great experience and great social contribution. This remarkable potential is scattered across the globe and is the best ambassador of Greece. We want to highlight medical science and the Greek doctor as one of the comparative advantages of the new Greece that we need to create “.
From his part, the President of the Hellenic Medical Association of Australia, Marinis Pirpiris, added “it is a great honor for us to contribute to the continuous information and education of Greek doctors worldwide, thus promoting the spirit of Greek science. As Greeks of the diaspora in the largest Greek-speaking city outside Greece, we wish success in the effort to promote health tourism in Greece and we are committed to our support. “