Giorgos Patoulis: «Our vision is, Greece to open again the window of Medical Knowledge to the world»

Speech by ELITOUR President Giorgos Patoulis

Health Tourism of Greece: From Vision to Practice

IMTJ Medical Travel Summit 2018

Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen Dear Participants of the Congress Minister of Health of Korea Honorable and Precious for Greece Conference organizers Dear Colleagues Doctors around the world It is my great honor to welcome you to the IMTJ Summit of unique importance , which adds special distinction to Greece this year, as the President of ELITOUR, the co-organizer of the conference, and body of the National Strategy of Greece for Health Tourism, as it is being developed in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism.

Welcome to Blue Zone Greece It could be no better timing than this moment for the Developing Health Tourism Sector of Greece , the conduct of this conference in Athens at the time our National Strategy is drawn up. Greece today, under the official umbrella of ELITOUR , persists on claiming its position on World Health Travel Index with a concentration of forces: Not only those of the Medical world and the stakeholders of Tourism.

The Local Government by the Central Union of Municipalities has been intensely mobilized in recent years to develop and promote Greece’s Health Tourism , by the principle that every corner of Greece has to offer to Health Travelers a wellness experience, a historical
tourist attraction of Health Tourism, a monument at the birthplace of Medical Tourism , a healing meal of longevity food, a Thermal spring, healing Mind and Body, of the earth’s oldest spas, or a promenade on the Greek countryside to explore native herbs of unique
biodiversity some of which have been the first pharmaceutical substances of the world …

Local Government, Medical Medical World, the Scientific Community of Greece around the world, as well as Stakeholders and Enterprises from Health, Tourism, Alternative Tourism and Wellbeing sectors, many of whom are also founding members of ELITOUR, have joined
efforts to offer Greece the best Health and Wellness result , the health traveler expects to derive from a country of the Blue Zones of the world.

We established the World Institute of Greek Doctors, which aims to bring together the Knowledge of the leading Greek doctors around the globe, and, in cooperation with the International Health Tourism Center, which we have also created, is focusing on the exchange of know-how for the development of an international network of scientific specialists on the specialties of Health Tourism Greece has to propose, prioritizing the shielding of Tourism Health Services by the premier factor the international Health Traveler asks for today: Safety. Safety on the medical services and procedures, upon arrival and accommodation, admission and treatment, and follow-up care on departure return to the traveler’s home, – is the data we have set as the strategic priority while Greece contest its entry to the World Health Tourism Market, on parallel with safeguarding our national medical creditworthiness, and international scientific credibility, which Greek doctors have been educated to honor and obey since the first practice of the Hippocrates Oath.

Our vision is, Greece as a Health Place, Ancient Mecca of Medicine and a modern Travel Health country, to open again the window of Medical Knowledge to the world. To share with you this vision, I’m pleased to invite you this afternoon to the University Museum on Acropolis hill for a unique trip through time, where everything started, and Health Tourism itself, the reason that brings you here today.
Welcome to Greece again, I wish the best success to the conference, expecting also, the bonding with the Health Tourism Community that IMTJ so successfully implants throughout the world, to keep strengthening with Greece deep in the future.

Thank you
Giorgos Patoulis
President of ELITOUR
President of Athens Medical Association
President of Central Union of Municipalities and Communities in Greece
President of Global Greek Doctors Institute (G.G.D.I.)
President of International Health Tourism Center (I.H.T.C.)
Mayor of Maroussi