Strategic planning and assistance in the development and promotion of the domestic Health Tourism product.

Actions included:

A. For Healthcare Consumers:
1. Providing information and training on access to International Health Tourism services.
2. Ensuring a fair pricing of the provided

Health Tourism services internationally.

3. Ensuring consumer protection when receiving

Health Tourism services.

4. Consumer protection against unfair practices when receiving health tourism services
B. For Health and Tourism Service Providers
1. The encoding and analytical identification of Health Tourism Services internationally, in order to distinguish them for their quality and security during supply.
2. The internationalization of the comparative advantages of the participation of its patients and their escorts in a system of providing organized health tourism services.
3. The guarantee the transparency of Health Tourism Services through the implementation of the ‘I.H.T.C’ guidelines
4. The provision of training services to the members of the providers (Doctors, nurses, technicians, executives etc) in order to contribute to the high level of health tourism services addressed to consumers of Health Tourism services.
5. The organization of international medical and nursing conferences in order to provide specialist knowledge to its scientific staff health and tourism sectors of each country participating in them.
6. The creation of a knowledge base and provision of access to scientists and other health and tourism executives in order to be able to work with their colleagues in the other participating countries.
7. The Facilitation of the communication between international Health Tourism Service Providers in the Member States in order to provide quality services.
8. The strengthening of the cooperation between health tourism service providers, National Agencies and other stakeholders (eg Insurance companies, airlines etc.) in order to ensure the best service of Health Consumers.
9. The advisory support for the development and promotion of Health Tourism Products, which will contribute to the growth of their international recognition in the consciousness of Health Tourism Service Consumers internationally.
10. The encouragement and facilitation of the development of cooperation relationships with other actors Health Tourism Services in the supplying countries.

C. For National Health and Tourism Agencies
1. The promotion of the spirit of international co-operation amongst the involved national bodies for the purpose of unhampered international promotion and development of the Health Tourism Product.
2. The provision of guidelines for building an organized National Health Tourism Policy by each national stakeholder who will request the technical assistance of “I.H.T.C”.
3. The training of public and private service staff for better elaboration of national action plans to implement the above policies.
4. The database function in order for the national policies of the states to align with those of the other member countries to facilitating transnational cooperation.
5. Making suggestions to the national stakeholders bodies aiming at raising and solving institutional and legal issues of interest in the direction of international facilitation cooperation between all the agencies involved in Tourism and in the direction of the development of the Domestic Health Tourism Product.
6. Assistance in ensuring the quality of International Tourism Health Services provided.
7. Assisting in the consolidation and promotion of the awareness of the provided internationally quality and safe Health Tourism Services.
8. The provision of knowledge and know-how to national bodies in order to be facilitated in the development of national policy and legislation for Health Tourism.
9. The provision of knowledge and know-how to national bodies in order to attract and facilitate investment in the sector of Health Tourism of each country specifically.
10. The provision of knowledge and know-how to national bodies in order to attract funding and develop in this regard programs.

D. Strategic planning and assistance in the development and promotion of the domestic Health Tourism product

The strategic planning and assistance of the Company in the development and promotion of Health Tourism as a combination of high quality medical and tourist services that promotes Tourism Product and the National Economy of each country either through technocratic and other support for the establishment and operation of national agencies in each member state or by the establishment and operation of the Company’s Offices.