The conference “Medical Tourism and Local Government” was successfully completed


The emergence of Greece as a top destination in the world map of Health Tourism was the goal of a two-day seminar organized in Melbourne, Australia, by the International Health Tourism Center and the World Institute of Greek Doctors, in collaboration with the Hellenic Community of Melbourne and the Hellenic Medical Association.

The Conference, held on 25 and 26 November 2017, was under the auspices of the Central Union of Greek Municipalities and the Medical Association of Athens and was attended by Greek scientists of international recognition, members of the Greek and Australian Government as well as Greek expatriates active in the field of business, academic community, health and tourism in Australia.

The President of the Hellenic Community of Melbourne, Vasilis Papastergiadis, addressed his salutation to the meeting, while Mr Patoulis, the President of the International Health Tourism Center, the World Institute of Greek Doctors, the Athens Medical Association, the Central Union of Municipalities of Greece and Mayor of Maroussi and reputable scientists also spoke.

The Greek Delegation
The Greek delegation was consisted of:
–   Konstantinos Pantos, Vice President of I.H.T.C, Vice President of G.G.D.I., Director of Assisted Fertilisation Unit, Founder of “GENESIS ATHENS CLINIC”, Secretary General of Hellenic Society of Reproductive Medicine
– Stavros Tombris MD, PhD, DDS, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, Director, Maxillofacial Surgery clinic Athens Euroclinic Hospital
–  Sofia Kalantaridou, MD, PhD, Professor of Obstetrics- Gynecology and Infertility School of Medicine, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
–  Sotirios Tsioumas, President of Greek aesthetic medicine and non invasive surgery, Eye surgeon- Oculoplastic, Contract Professor of  aesthetic medicine of university Camerino Italy, Vice President Unicam of Master of aesthetic medicine in Athens, Representative of Ema (European medical association) in Greece, Author of manual of aesthetic medicine and non-invasive surgery
–   Dr Lydia Ioannidou – Mouzaka, Ass. Professor University of Athens Medical School, Gynecologist-Surgeon-Senologist, National representative of Greece in the European Committee Initiative on Breast Cancer (ECIBC), in Guidelines Development Group for diagnosis and breast screening Representative of the Hellenic Medical Association in UEMS for the needs in Breast Cancer Surgery, President of the Hellenic Senologic Society
–   Assistant Professor Athens University Faculty of Dentistry Nikolaos S. Kouvelas, President of Athens Dental Tourism Cluster, CEO Eurodentica Specialized Dental Care
–  Petros Mamalakis, General Secretary of I.H.T.C., Founder & CEO of
– Professor Konstantinos Kouskoukis, President of the Greek Academy for Thermal Medicine, Scientific Adviser to the Central Union of Municipalities and Communities in Greece, former Vice-Chancellor of Democritus University – former Secretary General of the Ministry of Education, Research & Religion

Dr. Tsoukalas is a medical doctor, researcher, author, leading expert in the application of Metabolomic Medicine in chronic and autoimmune diseases and president of the European Institute of Nutritional Medicine E.I.Nu.M. (Metabolomic Medicin Video)
– Dr. Lina A. Evgeni, Reproductive Biologist, Director of CRYOGONIA Cryopreservation Bank
–   Dr. Alexandra Mastrogiannaki – Marini, Physician Microbiologist – Biopathologist, Ex Doctor of Microbiology Laboratory in Children’s Hospital “AGHIA SOPHIA” Athens, Ex Director of Laboratory Hematology – Blood in General Hospital Kyparissias, Member of Med-Professionals, “ANALYSIS”,Advanced Medical Services and Applications, Standard Medical  Diagnostic Laboratory Certified by ISO, Microbiological-Biochemical-Immunohistochemical-Hormonal. Kyparissia Messinias- At the conference took apart also, Konstantinos Mitsas, General Director of the ”Mission” of the Archdiocese of Athens.

The conference was held with great success in the framework of a series of important actions and international contacts, aiming to promote our country as an internationally recognized destination of Health Tourism and to stimulate the investment interest in this field.

Within these actions, the first stop was New York in October 2016. Then followed Montreal and Chicago in March and April 2017 as well as the organization of the 1st International Conference on Health Tourism in Ithaca in May of 2017.

                                                      Giorgos Patoulis 

George Patoulis: “We have to raise Greece on the 1ST place of the winners’ podium.  Our brilliant scientists are our allies”

George Patoulis, President of International Health Tourism Center and the World Institute of Greek Doctors, referred to the need to develop an integrated strategic plan for the promotion of Health Tourism in Greece, which will map out the competition as well as the comparative advantages of our homeland.

Vassilis Papastergiadis: “Many Australian patients travel abroad”
The president of the Hellenic Community of Melbourne, Vassilis Papastergiadis, pointed out that Australia is a dynamic market from which Greece can benefit as many Australian patients travel abroad. He also said that the cooperation between the two countries is excellent and the dynamic Greek community has helped to support the promotion of medical tourism as a national goal.

Christina Simantiraki, Consul General of Greece in Melbourne, stated that Health Tourism is a key pillar of development and stressed out that they have already launched an information campaign in Australia to promote thematic tourism.

Also speeches were addressed by Marinis Pirpiris, President of the Greek Medical Society of Australia, Arthur Baoustanos, President of the Hellenic-Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Konstantinos Dimtsas, General Manager “APOSTOLI” etc

On the sidelines of the conference, Mr. Patoulis had talks with Australian expatriates, members of the government and local government who participated in the two-day conference. In particular, issues of common interest were discussed with the former Tourism and Culture Minister of Victoria Ioannis Pandazopoulos, Oakleigh’s deputy, Stavros Dimopoulos and the member of the Central Union of Victoria Municipalities, former Mayor of Fitzroy Mannheim Municipal Council Michalis Zafiropoulos.

                                                                    Petros Mamalakis